I have had the pleasure of knowing Charlene Shalachman on a personal level for many years.

We have been working together professionally since March 2011. I initially went in for a consult due to extreme stomach issues, having been diagnosed with IBS a few years earlier.

Charlene took the time to listen to me and to really try to understand how I was feeling. My first assessment was very interesting, trying to understand where the weakness of my body lay.

We started working on my stomach, finding the right nutrition that would work for me. I wanted to see results right away but Charlene helped me realize I had not been feeling well for quite some time and it would take time to heal me.

It has been since March and with Charlene’s guidance and understanding and the knowledge and belief of what she practices, I am feeling so much better.

If you manage yourself and the program, you will see results.

I would recommend anyone who has any issues with their health to go see Charlene for an initial consult, and you too will be on the road to feeling better.

M.G. - Framingham, MA


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